8 thoughts on “Workshop: A Better WordPress for your Clients by Troy Dean at WordCamp Melbourne 2011

  1. Just watched the video and it is a great presentation for any developer or someone thinking of getting into wordpress design. Very simple and straight forward tips on doing the letter things so that you can be more professional and have better customer interaction.

  2. Thanks for posting my presentation up guys, I’m really chuffed. I’m glad some people are getting something out of it and I truly hope what you learn from it enables you to build better relationships with your clients and enjoy using WordPress even more, if that’s possible.

    I’d love to hear some more ideas on how people are making WordPress a better experience for their clients. Anyone?

  3. Great presentation I was lucky enough to catch at WC Melbourne. We have been trialing the White Label CMS plugin the last couple of weeks and it’s great.

    It’s easy to forget that when we hand over a site to a client and give them a quick runthrough of WordPress it can be serious cognitive overload for them. Because as developers we’re familiar with WordPress – and the overall concepts of how websites/cms systems/graphics/html/css works – but for first-time users anything that can lessen the ‘noise’ for clients is going to help both parties.

    One small thing we do is to show people how to edit their by browsing the frontend of the site and then clicking ‘Edit’ from there. We often don’t even show them that they can go to admin and choose their pages or posts from the list there because again it’s just another confusion for them. If they’re viewing the content from the frontend they have a better idea of where it sits within the flow of the site. Obviously this doesn’t work for adding new pages/posts – we used to hardcode a link in our templates to this but the new admin bar offers this anyway.

  4. @Steve – love the tip about showing clients the “edit” link on the front end of the website. You’re absolutely right, it’s another great way to avoid confusion and give the user a better experience. It’s also one of the most overlooked tips I think and I’m going to make sure we add it to our next presentation.

    And how cool is that new admin bar?

    Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation and are getting some use out of the White Label CMS plugin.

  5. @Troy – I am new to developing and on the way to producing my first prototype template. Great presentation. Do you have any other presentations online like this?

    I did not know that a video manual plugin like this existed! I was dreading creating the user-manuals and videos myself, but, hopefully, this plugin will speed up the delivery of my projects and the 1-on-1’s. Will be investing in this sometime soon!

    Keep up the great work!

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