16 thoughts on “Walkthrough of the upcoming WordTwit Pro plugin from BraveNewCode

  1. Looks slick. I’d think about picking up a copy, course it all depends on the price – which hasn’t been disclosed yet.

    • Wow, yeah, Yourl integration would be very useful, it is definitely better to control your own shortened links, you never know what these companies will do in the future or if they’ll even be around.

      It would also be super useful if each author could tweet from their own account i.e. enter and authorize their Twitter details upon joining the site. Integration with the Gravity Forms User Registration add-on would be good way to enable that, and integration with the “Post Fields” feature would add a Twitter-boost to user-generated content, directory listings or anything else you can do with regular posts or Custom Post Types.

      Default and/or mandatory hashtags would be very useful for sites with a lot of authors, each automatically tweeting about their posts from their own Twitter account, but with a unified hashtag encouraged or enforced.

  2. this plugin looks great but isnt Jetpack going to be releasing a Twitter component at some stage? It’s already part of wordpress.com

    • I think this plugin far exceeds anything I’ve seen in Jetpack sharing-wise.

      This kind of editable autotweets, all from within the post editor, is extremely helpful on a multi author blog like WPCandy. When I first saw the video I told Ryan it was as if the developers had heard a conversation of ours about what we wanted in a Twitter plugin : )

  3. Would be really cool if you could make templates for post types or certain categories so the auto-formatted tweet says “new event: [title of event] [short-url]” for an event post type and “new article: [title of post] [short-url]” for a normal post

  4. When I read the summary of this article I thought…”oh man, not ANOTHER Twitter plugin”…but I’m glad I watched the overview! Looks like some really useful features built-in. I especially like the multiple accounts…very cool.

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