8 thoughts on “Themify video demonstrates their theme options screen

    • I agree with Justin, the Settings API is a way more generic way to provide theme options. Besides, the less options you provide, the better. Think Twenty Eleven! And the hooks make it possible to customize it however you need to, providing the best support for child themes. There’s one reason why I hate most of these premium themes and it’s custom admin UI, one thing my customer is not used to, and a new learning curve every time you switch to a new theme.

  1. It does make me want to purchase their product. I’ve got a subscription to ElegantThemes, but right now I am having trouble editing due to it being different to edit considering I’m not using the base theme. It’s so hard to choose from whats out there with all the different framework available. You can’t even google anymore and find out what would be more suitable for you because of all the advertisements etc. I’m literally stuck in the middle of trying to start off my website due to this lol.

  2. They didn’t take into account how much time they needed for each shot, so they had to chop the narration up leaving awkward, unnatural pauses, destroying the flow of the presentation.

  3. I like videos better when they are unscripted, where the creator (or other knowledgeable person) just shows off the cool stuff ad hoc, even if they make mistakes it’s more genuine.

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