7 thoughts on “Pro Theme Design’s new Elemental Designer Plugin demo

  1. I wish all theme features were accomplished through plugins. They’re a lot more modular than a functions.php file, and much easier to update.
    It would be even better if the plugins were universal and could be shared amongst every different theme.

    • I almost forgot about the OptionTree plugin from ThemeForest. It’s a shame that more developers don’t take advantage of that tool. Why does everyone insist on reinventing the wheel?

      • I think there’s more framework theme’s out and getting used… my favorite is Catalyst and I was just thinking the other day about writing a plugin for it to add my own flavor to a few aspects.

  2. I think this is a great new approach to theme options and would like to echo Jason’s sentiments. It would be awesome if theme developers could build off of a common set of theme options delivered by a plugin so that settings could easily be shared among themes.

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