5 thoughts on “PressWork theme framework demonstration video

  1. Great functionality. I love the way it enables you to update stuff from the front end and immediately see what it’s going to look like.

    I’m guessing this type of thing will be copied by the other theme developers pretty soon.



  2. I had to watch the video twice as I was wondering off in the middle dreaming of all the stuff I can do with this.
    Finally someone understands our needs and has addressed them.

  3. Guys! What took you/ I’ve been dreaming of this for ages. I tried learning php, but I’m a designer! My brain wouldn’t go that way. Thank-you soooooo much for this. Hoping to see it go big and much farther. Congratulations on this great accomplishment and addition to theme-ville.

  4. wow! this really rocks.. can’t wait to play with it! I like the fact it operates in frontend and allows us to see the changes in realtime! keep it up!

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