Mock GPL debate held at WordCamp Phoenix on day one

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The first day of WordCamp Phoenix 2011 brought a fun afternoon event: a mock GPL debate held at Gangplank, one of the coworking spaces in Phoenix that is providing space for the event this week. In the video embedded above, watch a mock case presented to over 100 attendees, where “TermSmash” is a GPL program and is in disagreement with “Conclusion”, a user of “TermSmash”.

Anybody else getting a strong déjà vu vibe right now?

You can follow the events going down at WordCamp Phoenix 2011 for the next few days by following the hashtag on Twitter, and I would also recommend watching our event coverage as well. If it’s happening, we’ll let you know about it!

One thought on “Mock GPL debate held at WordCamp Phoenix on day one

  1. Not bad! (Though the audio could stand to have been a bit higher.)

    I think they generally apply the copyright law correctly – though a bit more information up-front regarding the specific nature of the alleged copyright infringement would have been helpful (it really wasn’t clarified until the Q&A session that the nature of incorporation was merely API/function calls).

    I didn’t really care much for the TechSmash lawyer’s argument. It was long on waxing philosophical, and short on applying precedent case law. I thought the derivative-work argument could have been made a bit stronger (and I say this as one who is well-known for siding against the derivative-work argument).

    Also, the Q&A session either needed an audience mic, or the speakers should have re-stated the question. It was pretty difficult to pick up the questions off-mic.

    Interesting session. It would be neat to see the presentation continued to be developed and improved, as it provides a good way to help people understand the GPL/copyright legal issues.

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