Hot potato questions at WordCamp San Francisco


In this video from WordCamp San Francisco 2011, Shannon Dunn from AppThemes recorded a series of short interviews in “hot potato” fashion. Each person had to answer a question, and then suggest a person and ask the next question, and so on and so forth. In the end, Matt Mullenweg answers a question and then proposes his own question for the community to consider.

This is a great video, and the format is one that would be neat to see used more.

Oh, and my question at the beginning is entirely a joke. John James Jacoby is anything but disappointing.

9 thoughts on “Hot potato questions at WordCamp San Francisco

  1. Is it kosher to make the first comment on a video I filmed?

    This was great fun to make. One of the wonderful things about the WordPress community is that everyone is really open and game to sharing their thoughts and knowledge. It makes a format like this possible.

    Thanks to everyone in the video.

  2. Great video! I went to wcsf for the first time of my life! also i’m from Mexico and this video reminds me a lot of great thing I learned over there, and also I get to know more the people behind WP.

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