Peek at the in-development Distraction Free Writing coming to WordPress 3.2


One of the goals for WordPress version 3.2 is “Distraction Free Writing”, or an upgrade to the current “Fullscreen mode” that can be toggled within the Visual Editor. The upgrade is still very much in development, but there’s enough in place that we thought a quick peek wouldn’t hurt.

You can follow development on this particular feature in this trac ticket, and have a look at the current before/after (Fullscreen vs. Distraction free) in this image.

17 thoughts on “Peek at the in-development Distraction Free Writing coming to WordPress 3.2

  1. This seems redundant to me, as most of the distractions occur outside of the browser, so surely this wouldn’t help?
    I agree if you need a larger writing space this could help, but i’m not convinced of it’s true value…

  2. Thanks for the video Ryan, this looks really nice. I didn’t realize how distracted I really get sometimes while writing…thinking of categories, SEO options, etc. that are always looming on the screen demanding my attention…

  3. The fading in and out is a distraction … a nice gimmick …. but a distraction.
    A part of distraction free-writing is not-writing … just thinking, or staring blankly at the screen … and just then a distraction appears!

    • I agree with “iamronen”. This fading in and out is a distraction. Why don’t you try to keep it simple? Yes, it is a welcome feature

      • The fade out happens when you start writing, and the interface pops back when you move the mouse again. As long as you’re writing, it doesn’t reappear.

  4. The fading looks highly annoying to me… I like knowing where my options are, rather than typing into space.

    Still, the overall feature seems pretty cool and will be helpful to those people that need no distractions. I just don’t happen to be one of them 😛

  5. Let’s face it here.

    When people write articles ( or something ) they would automatically kind of having a channel vision concentrating on the thought and transform that into words and type.

    During typing, they don’t see other parts of the page except the text area – this already goes naturally.

    This functionality shouldn’t be in core – I mean the core dev shouldn’t have invested time and efforts on this kind of stuff, while there are still a lot other things to improve.

    • Agree with Paul. If you’re so easily distracted by the tools of the trade perhaps you should question your ability to write at all…but then I suppose WP wouldn’t be the “Tool of the Masses” that it is. ;>)

  6. In the preview video, i must say i found the fading in and out a little distracting. Watching is different to using, so I’ll reserve judgment until I can try it for myself. If getting the commands back is slow or “at variable speed” then it might be quite frustrating. If everything happens smoothly and consistently it might just be a wonderful feature!

  7. This looks fantastic, can’t wait to try it out on some of our longer posts. It’s enough to make you wonder why anyone would use anything other than WordPress with features like this coming out relatively often.

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  9. I have this running, and to be honest I don’t see the point of it. Are the choices of adding categories or going to your Plugins menu really distracting people from writing?

    Features like this seem nice to have for a minority of people who a) realize the feature is there and b) actually want to use it.

    There are a few other more fundamental things that I would prefer get improved or fixed.

  10. Personally this feature makes no difference to me and probably to others like me that write out our posts in a word processor before pasting it into wordpress. But from the responses before mine it is obviously usefull to some. Keep up the good works.

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