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Here’s a bit of a break from the news, tutorials, and discussions as we recover from a pleasant Christmas. We thought we’d cook up a few words to describe people who work with WordPress. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

WordPressographer (noun):
1. one who works with or studies WordPress
2. someone who blogs about a WordPress-related topic

We consulted a WordPressographer to help develop this new widget.

WordPresser (noun):
1. also known as a theme developer; one who creates WordPress themes

After quickly creating several professional-grade themes, I can finally call myself a proficient WordPresser.

WordPressography (noun):
1. the study of WordPress (see also: WordPressographer)

One of my favorite blogs is offering a free course on WordPressography next weekend.

WordPressing (verb):
1. creating something with WordPress; turning a design or markup into a WordPress theme
2. writing a blog post from the WordPress interface to be published with WordPress

During the long hours I spend on the road you can frequently find me WordPressing about my travels.

WordPressify (verb):
1. to turn a design or markup into a WordPress theme (see also: WordPressing)

I had to quickly WordPressify this markup to meet the client’s deadline.

WordPressed (adj):
1. integrated with WordPress; made into something compatible with WordPress

After three days my new theme was finally WordPressed and ready to go live.

4 thoughts on “Words for WordPress

  1. I wonder if the word “wordpress” will ever be used as interchangeably as the word “google”.

    I googled myself.
    I created a wordpress.

    Who knows 🙂

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