The Dust Settles: Thoughts on WordPress 2.3

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Feedback to Upgrades to WordPress 2.3

As we kick off this week of WordPress 2.3 coverage, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how this new version is impacting the blogosphere. Probably the most obvious (and luckily, easiest) ways to find out was to look at the trackbacks/comments on the initial announcement post at WordPress. Here’s some of what’s happening:

  • Andrew Barnett beat almost everyone out by asking an awesome question: Am I the first to upgrade? Chime in on his blog if you got there first (although he was only nine minutes after the blog post went up!).
  • Lucy Lou commented on the development team milking the deadline by waiting until evening to post. I admit, I was kind of looking forward to it in the morning as well.
  • Greg Artime describes the native tag support and importing of popular tagging Plugins like UTW as main reasons he’s planning on upgrading sometime this week.
  • A blogger named Carlo is one of the first (that I’ve seen, let me know if you have) to implement a tag cloud with the new native support. Again, I’m not sure if I’m excited about tagging yet or not.
  • Keith Murray, a WordPress theme designer and Plugin developer (go Keith!) mentions he will be upgrading this week as well as (more importantly for most) upgrading his Plugins to suit 2.3.
  • Abhijit is hosting a great comparison between MT4 and WordPress 2.3. Some interesting discussions are cited in the post, and it even got a little comment love from Matt Mullenweg. Definitely check this one out.
  • UK blogger Toxic Web posts from a slightly apprehensive stance concerning the new version of WP.
  • Adam Tinworth of the journalism blog One Man and His Blog had a problem or two upgrading WordPress. I wonder where the problems occurred, and if there’s anything I can do to help from here at Theme Playground (for next time, of course).
  • Finally, Evan Sims takes a deep look at the tagging feature added to WordPress 2.3. And I think his explanation (read: defense) might just get me hooked on the idea.

Scanning the web for WordPress chatter is very interesting. I’m also interested in your feedback on the new WordPress. What’s your experience look like?