Poll: What’s your favorite feature in WordPress 3.3?


WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” is out now and (hopefully you’ve noticed) we’ve gone through all the noteworthy features in a big blog post. But noteworthy is a relative term. The real question is: which feature is the noteoworthiest to you? Or, a better question using real words would be: which feature in WordPress 3.3 is your favorite?

Vote in the poll below, and stop by in the comments to let everyone know why you voted the way you did. You can pick up to two features when you vote.

For extra bonus points this post, check back on the results of our similar poll when 3.2 was released. Do the most popular features in that poll still effect your use of WordPress?

5 thoughts on “Poll: What’s your favorite feature in WordPress 3.3?

  1. I chose the menu flyouts and the improved permalink performance.

    Regarding permalinks, how could I not be most excited about that one?

    I was torn between the toolbar and the menu flyouts. I spend a good deal of time navigating the Dashboard, so I think both will end up effecting me positively. In the end, flyouts are the most likely timesaver of the bunch, so it gets my vote too.

  2. Definitely chose media drag & drop, great for the newbs. I liked contextual help for a while, but then realized it’s all loaded at the beginning so you’d have to do some work arounds if you’re implementing video in there.

  3. Since you accidentally forgot to add most of the cool stuff to the poll for 3.3 (except for the new WP Editor API), I’ll list some of my favorite things here in the comments.

    Improvements to the metadata API.

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