What was your first WordPress website?


We all use WordPress in one way or another, but we all started using it at different times. Think back: can you remember when you first started using WordPress? Can you remember the first WordPress website you ever ran, and what you did with it?[ref]This topic came after (and a bit during) last night’s WP Late Night Aftertaste with Dre Armeda and Aaron Jorbin. You’ve been listening, right?[/ref]

I think it would be fun to reminisce a bit about how we all got started with WordPress. I’ve added my first WordPress websites below, and you can share your own story in the comments.

My first WordPress website

I can’t quite recall the exact website I started using WordPress with, though I can nail it down to a couple of websites. I started developing with WordPress just as I began to build websites for myself and for others in a more serious way.

I was using PHP for a little while to include sidebars, headers, and footers in my websites to make them easier to manage. At some point after starting that I discovered WordPress in a Google search and found that the template system was an improved version of what I was trying to figure out on my own. So, from them on I started using WordPress for all of my websites. That was in 2006.

One of the first websites I built using WordPress was called Moxie Noetic, a music website for a friend of mine who made electronic music. Looking back, it actually didn’t have a blog or anything.

That was running WordPress 2.0.4. Ah, memories.

Around the same time that I put together Moxie Noetic (I can’t remember which one was first, honestly) I moved my portfolio site Aspiring Indie over to WordPress. The site is still up today, though I don’t freelance any longer.

Another version of the website, redesigned the same year, is below. Fun fact: for a while, back then, I did wedding videography and other documentary kinds of video projects.

So that’s how I started using WordPress. How about yourselves?

21 thoughts on “What was your first WordPress website?

  1. My first WP website was a blog (part of my web directory). Long sold that site, and I guess the owner didn’t keep it up. But I think a good number of my early WP sites were just blogs that accompanied my web directories… where I mostly shared freebies and tips.

  2. My first was a personal website. It was running b2 and when looking at the b2 site one day I noticed it had moved to using WP. I converted my site then and used WP ever since.

  3. My personal blog … http://ryanhellyer.net/ I must have launched that around 2007 I think. It started out using one of Sadish’s themes, but later on moved to a custom theme, which has been updated a while back to it’s current iteration. I have another iteration of the design planned for later 2012/early 2013.

    I set the site up as a test bed for development of another site http://dunedinicehockey.co.nz/ which I eventually moved to WordPress.

    That original test site later became a private blog for stashing / organising my photo collection and in later years has become a hub to show my family and friends what I’ve been up to in my spare time.

  4. My first WP site was a basic blog which I altered the “default” theme in 2008. The thing I notice is that my functions.php file was basically empty at that time and today my functions.php files are huge and even branched off into multiple files.

  5. My original site was my personal blog, still going strong! Within a month I had totally hacked a theme and made my own. God, it was terrible! I had no idea what I was doing as I’d only done a little html prior. It was just a pure cut and paste job. I kept tacking on whatever things I could find around the web… I ended up with so many random theme options, etc. I’ve since sorted out my business, and WordPress posts to their own sites and my blog is back to where it started, personal ramblings, and music I like (usually DJ sets)

  6. My first WP website was a make money online blog that I sold last year. I used Thesis theme on that blog and since then I’ve been using thesis theme for most of my sites.

  7. My first WordPress site was on dremeda.com in 2005. I am pretty sure it was running 1.5. It was a portfolio site for logos and other design work. It was my first taste of templates and my first full theme. My how times have changed!

  8. Great question! I was building simple HTML sites in 2000. I then soon discovered Blogger, which was still owned by Pyra. I discovered WordPress via a link I found during an unrelated Google search. Although I don’t recall the first site I built with it I do remember it was v2.0.4.

  9. My first WordPress site was a WordPress.com blog I started for a class project back in 2007. Seems incredible I’d never used WordPress before that, now…

  10. A wordpress site I set up about 6 months ago for a club. I used twenty eleven first, built the site, uploaded it and did not like the look at all , took it down and made another.
    http://www.sweetartssociety.com, I got 3 more sites in the work.

    CAN YOU guys make an post on WordPress(dot)com with WordAds vs self-hosted with adwords.

  11. My first WordPress-Site was my own blog. I migrated from my own System (on which I had blogged for almost 5 years back then) to WordPress 2.0 on 17th. of January 2006. I still have the post declaring the migration, although I started bloggin under another domain a few month later:

    This is how it looked like:
    I still do have that theme. The Millenium Falcon was part of the Footer, and so on everypage. :]

  12. My first WordPress site was a redesign/rebuild of my personal site. I bought my domain back in 2002 and started with raw HTML. Not long after that, I moved over to Movable Type and used that for years. Finally, after trying to get something to work on MT and finding nothing on Google, I tried this mythical WordPress that had a ton of tutorials for what I was trying to do.

    The rest is history.

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