12 thoughts on ““Reminds me of annoying browser toolbars”

      • Yeah, that is a GREAT idea!!
        Reminds of Ubuntu Linux and its awesome notification system – the current state in WordPress needs some improvement – not only because of the screenshot above but that tells you the worst case…

      • Neat idea. My first thought went to another tab, next to “Help” and “Screen Options” called “Notifications” or something like that. Something at the top of the page where you’ve added it probably makes more sense than a place folks are likely to not notice it.

      • Too bad these notifications aren’t put in a parrent Div. Then it would be easy to create a plugin that does this.

    • I’ve heard it has been discussed here or there, but just hasn’t made the cut quite yet. I think the idea makes a lot of sense, particularly in extreme cases like Brad’s here 🙂

  1. Well, if he actually finished off installing plugins (move files, enter API keys / access details) and updated plugins when new versions were available, then he wouldn’t be collecting notice and error messages.

    What it does highlight, however, is that the top set WPMU Dev messages and the Jetpack notice all seem to be self-rolled, as the styles don’t match – bad plugins.

    • I usually see something like this after reactivating a handful of plugins, after deactivating them during troubleshooting. Rude plugins are certainly to blame, but a better notification system (or even a more accepted standard of practices here) certainly couldn’t hurt either.

  2. Loving the notification center mockups by Chris. As for the notifications themselves, as much as I love Jetpack, I have to agree that the huge blue notification can be too much, especially around others, makes you wanna activate it quicker. The “xyz updates available” notifications are really the bad ones though, I think only Core should do that when there’s a new version available, the rest are managed well though the Updates and Plugins screens.

    • Jetpack’s one of the ruder plugins out there when it comes to notifications, for sure. Contributes to my love/hate feelings for it too.

  3. I like the Chris’s idea, but this worst case scenario is possible in the initial runs of WP after installation. Having said that, only core updates notifications should be available on all admin pages except on notification or plugins page.

  4. At the point where your screen looks like this your site is getting spammed, you have plugins that are non-functional and others that are out of date, and depending on what’s on the right side of the red box, your site might just be completely broken.

    It looks like shit, and certainly the notification center mockups is much more visually appealing, but making it less obvious that a bunch of stuff isn’t working (stuff that you might expect to be working) seems like the wrong solution.

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