It’s WordPress, not WordPress


Thought I can’t very well condemn everyone for this, since before Lorelle I wasn’t even aware of certain WordPress particulars. But now that I do, much the same way I am with semantics and grammar, I notice the little things and make them bigger things. Basically if you want to be respected when it comes to WordPress, there are a couple things you should keep in mind.

  • It’s WordPress, not WordPress. This one’s very common. WordPress is a trademark. If you want it to appear that you respect it, you really should. (We’re still correcting mistakes on that regard around the Playground. So don’t feel horrible if you’re in that camp with us.)
  • It’s Plugin, not plug-in. Believe it or not this one’s trademarked too. Same as above.

That’s it for now. Are there any others you’ve seen that are frustrating? How about those of you that have made these mistakes/had no idea they were mistakes? (Raises hand)

3 thoughts on “It’s WordPress, not WordPress

  1. I completely understand you. When I blog, I respect ALL trademarks. Besides, it makes my blog post look better. Because people already (in their heads) know the trademarks and expect it to be in a certain way.

    Love what you are doing man.
    Check my blog out.

    Tony Cai

  2. It may very well be WordPress. The problem with trying to enforce that is not only ignorance among bloggers but newspaper and magazine housestyle, online or offline.

    Ironic that the URL for this post says “its-wordpress-not-wordpress” and that teh blogs title says “Reviews of WordPress Plugins and Themese | Testing Free WordPress Themese….


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