What the WordPress community can focus on, besides GPL

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Do you know what an oh great topic is?

It’s one of those topics that, when you bring it up, causes certain people at the table to go “Oh great&helllip;” Count on it being followed by a mumble or two and lowered heads.

In the WordPress world there are a couple of oh great topics. And the fact that they are oh great topics doesn’t make them bad ones, not by a long shot. In fact it means they are probably some of the better topics because they’ve clearly been talked about to death.

“The GPL topic is one that’s been beaten to death, resuscitated, and promptly beat down again.”

GPL (which stands for General Public License, which is the license WordPress is released under) is one of those topics. For those who care, it’s been beaten to death, resuscitated, and promptly beat down again.

The discussion tends to go in the same circles each time it happens. In the latest development, posted at WordPress.org, a fairly definitive hammer came down in that discussion when the Software Freedom Law Center gave an official opinion on the matter. You can read about it in detail on that blog, no need to paraphrase here. Suffice it to say that the issue is, for most purposes now, moot.

So now what? What will the WordPress community focus on now that GPL is (hopefully) off the table?

What’s next?

It’s time to focus on all of the really pressing issues that we’ve been neglecting to focus on GPL. What kinds of smileys are used by WordPress, for instance. Everyone else is talking about Michael Jackson, so we probably should right? Personally I’m concerned with the proper attire and breakfast food for properly developing WordPress themes.

Of course I’m joking. Except for the smiley thing. And of course MIchael Jackson is all over the place. Wow. At least I don’t care what you’re wearing right now.

Seriously now, I think there are some much worthier ends for us to put our efforts toward. Many already are, which is awesome. A few ideas:

  1. Solve people’s problems, make WordPress even more accessible. WordPress is a far cry from ubiquitous. Find a small area where you think you can hack a little bit of pain off of a large problem. Jump.
  2. Improve on what we are doing. Clean, efficient code is better for everyone. Faster sites make for happy visitors.
  3. Help lift up the younger, less popular projects like bbPress and BuddyPress. Build something with them. Talk about doing it.

Take this opportunity to relax on the GPL issue. Let a long breath out. Then refocus on something of a greater importance, and go work on that.

Like, right now.