Bathrooms and Using WordPress Consistently

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I was in a bathroom just today and experienced an amusing situation. The soap dispenser was automatic. So instead of pressing the front tab (as we’ve been trained to do for years) I wave my hand around in the air and it shoots soap at me. So be it. What’s interesting is that nothing else in the bathroom is automatic.

Now besides the amusing fact that of all things the soap dispenser is autommatic (think about that one) there is a consistency issue here. Having automatic tools like this in a bathroom tells the visitor that their health is important to the owner of the bathroom. Unfortunately when the water, towels, and door are all hand-driven it takes away from the cleanliness.

The owner becomes inconsistent.

I once had a client who was using WordPress for their site, but only for part of it. I believe the dynamic posting was being used, but not anything beyond. The menu was static, as was the sidebar and the footer and the search and the…you get the idea.

Don’t be inconsistent with your web site. If you’re going to use WordPress (and I hope you do) use it to its fullest. It really is an amazing tool. If you want help customizing WordPress or utilizing it as a content management system, send us a note about it. But either way you go, please use WordPress to its fullest. Otherwise your visitors may end up wondering why you bothered to use an automated soap dispenser at all.