6 thoughts on “Otto’s goal for favorite plugins

  1. So many people have told me that they have a sort of fixed set of plugins that they always use on most sites they create, and I thought that it would be super cool for them to be able to just install them all in one shot. Favorites gives people a way to select those plugins that they love, so something like this seems to be the next logical step to me.

    I’ll probably implement this as a plugin first, to test the concept out. But before that, I need to get a proper API going to be able to pull the information out of WordPress.org itself. Working on that. 🙂

  2. I personally use my own TGM Plugin Activation script to do this for each project I use. I already have it pre-populated in the theme, so I once I activate the theme, I hop over and bulk install/activate all the plugins in one go. Plus, it acts as a nice little reminder to clients (by popping up the nag message) when they try to go messing with plugins they shouldn’t. 🙂

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