Weekend QuickTip: Feedburner URL in Header.php


One thing I notice a lot of WordPress blogs forget to do, is change the default RSS Feed URL that comes standard with WordPress, to their new Feedburner Feed URL. This means your visitors maybe subscribing to the wrong feed and your subscriber count may be wrong!


If you’re using Feedburner, check your header.php file and makes sure all your RSS Feeds are pointing to the right URL.

6 thoughts on “Weekend QuickTip: Feedburner URL in Header.php

  1. Heh, I did this myself as well recently. The sidebar link was a manual link to Feedburner and I hadn’t changed it over.
    Have to agree though, use a plugin. Much easier.

  2. I’m sorry to say this, but that solution is not a solution, what happens with all your users that are already subscribed to the blog? they stop receiving feeds? not the way to go.
    As Simon already stated, it’s best to use a plugin if you change themes frequently. Unlike him, I use the Flagrant Disregard Feedburner plugin because it redirects the feed link to feedburner feeds, so new users will get the new feed and your existant readers will still receive the regular feed.


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