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Once upon a time, there was a Web stats application called Mint. “Mint is an extensible, self-hosted web site analytics program. Its interface is an exercise in simplicity. Visits, referrers, popular pages and searches can all be taken in at a glance on Mint’s flexible dashboard.”

I love Mint. Although it costs $30, it’s still simple, sexy, reliable, and easy to work with. But what does Mint have to do with WordPress?

In this post, I’ll be going over how to install Mint, install a Pepper (a Mint add-on), my review of Mint, and show you how it can work with WordPress.

What’s This Mint Thing?

Mint, simply put, is an awesome statistics web application. But it’s not your ordinary stats app! I’m not really sure how Mint does it, but their stats data is pretty freakin’ accurate. Compared to other stats apps I’ve used in the past, Mint seems to be the most precise and on-point.

Mint doesn’t just stop there though. Mint has these cool, nifty add-ons called Peppers. These suckers are the bomb! Mint and Peppers are sort of like WordPress and Plugins. You have the awesome base app and then you have the little extras that make it all worth while. And the best part of these Peppers is that most of them are free! There are the occasional Peppers that cost a few bucks, but those are probably worth the cash.

Here’s a sample of some sweet Peppers:

  • Trends Internal
  • Trends External
  • Locations
  • Crushes
  • User Agents
  • Real Estate
  • Doorbell

Mint, of course, has built-in features such as:

  • Style switcher
  • Fast loading (unless you have 100000 peppers)
  • Public mode
  • Private mode (password enabled)
  • Customizable panes
  • RSS feeds
  • Real time data
  • Organized information

If you’d like to see Mint in it’s awesomeness, check out the live demo of Darkmotion‘s Mint Installation.

How To Use Mint With WordPress

Before I begin telling you how to install Mint and all that good stuff, you first need to know how using Mint with WordPress can be beneficial.

When managing a site, most Web sites owners like to know exactly who’s visiting their site, how many times they’re visiting it, and from where they’re coming from. The problem is, most Web sites owners have misleading statistics data. Especially when blogging, Web site owners like have the extreme desire to know who’s checking out their posts.

Sure, for WordPress, there are stats plugins that ‘claim’ to show your traffic. I’ve personally tried a handful of these plugins, and honestly, they suck. Yeah, they’re free, but they still suck.

Anyway, Mint is the exact opposite. Mint combined with a couple of Peppers brings you the ultimate experience for viewing your (true) stats. But how can Mint be used with WordPress?

  1. WP-Mint (a WordPress plugin that integrates Mint with WordPress)
  2. Blog Comments Pepper (displays recent comments on your site)
  3. Feedburner Stats Pepper (displays recent activity for your Feedburner)
  4. Outbound Links Pepper (displays where users are going to from your site)
  5. Downloads Pepper (displays what’s been recently downloaded from your site, costs $5)

And that’s just my top 5 list of ways to use Mint with WordPress. I’m sure there are ways I don’t even know about!

Purchasing and Installing Mint

If you like what you’ve heard about Mint so far, then stay tuned for Part 2 of “Using Mint With WordPress”.

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  1. Wow, this seems like a cool thing looks like a nice and helpful script haha. 🙂 Also, well done on the posting. Nice and clear.. good job bro, keep up the good work.

  2. Can’t wait for Version 2! I am planning to start a bit (hopefully big) site using wordpress and this is just what I need to track my stats!

  3. Great review. I’m also a Mint user, and I love it! One other pepper that is interesting if you like to see when certain people last saw your site, and what pages they specifically visited, I’d recommend the nametags pepper. I just got around to installing it today, and love it so far.

    There’s also another great (very very extensive) review of Mint at Shawn Blanc’s blog. 🙂

  4. I love mint as many of the others here but my problem is I am having trouble installing on a purely html site. I was searching for some answers when I found your site so I am going to look around here for them.

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