The First Changes To Make To Your WordPress Install

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WordPress is amazing. (Of course I would say that.) But there are a few modifications worth making to your WordPress install, right out of the box.

  • Adjust the archive.php and searchresults.php
    More for those wanting to make their own theme. Remember that the default setting of WordPress sets up certain pages with completely different (neutered, in my opinion) than your main index page. Look into this and make sure your structure is the same among all pages.
  • Customize Posted by
    The default tag line under each headline reads only the date. I like to change it to say “Posted by _Name_ on _Date_”. Change per your preference.
  • Fix your permalinks
    The default permalink setting is no good, for a number of things. It doesn’t work well for search engines and it isn’t very pretty to look at. Copy this into the custom permalink box on the Options -> Permalinks page: %post_id%/%postname%
  • If widgets are enabled, use them
    If widgets are enabled and your theme author styled for them, odds are your widgets should be in place for the sidebar to look right.
  • Customize your footer.php
    If the blog is yours, make sure you change it to say so. There is nothing (yet) that will let you dynamically change the footer. So go into footer.php and make the necessary changes.

Anyone have any other suggestions?