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About a month ago, WPCandy released The WordPress Help Sheet, a PDF packed with PHP snippets, the basic template files, and other extra stuff for WordPress. It became pretty popular around the Blogosphere within a couple of days and was translated into quite a few languages. The WordPress Help Sheet was a great success and allowed WPCandy to become known to the rest of the world.

The WordPress Help Sheet was a good WordPress resource, but it was pretty limited and only had the basics of WordPress. I kept thinking to my self, “What about more advanced WordPress developers? They need something too!”. I felt they were being left out of all the fun. So here’s something for all you WordPress gurus…

I’m proud to announce The Advanced WordPress Help Sheet, another PDF packed with snippets that help extend WordPress’ capabilities. Although the Advanced WordPress Help Sheet is mainly aimed for more advanced WordPress developers, beginning WordPress developers can use it to further their knowledge.

The Advanced WordPress Help Sheet includes snippets from Styling Different Categories to Dynamic Page Titles. This is also only the first of a few I’ll be releasing. I plan on having at least three Advanced WordPress Help Sheets, totaling to around 9 or 10 pages of WordPress goodies.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the Advanced WordPress Help Sheet and it can be of some use to you. If you like it, please consider supporting us by sharing this post, leaving a comment, and subscribing to our RSS Feed.

182 thoughts on “The Advanced WordPress Help Sheet

  1. As a WP designer, I must admit that I expected some more advanced code snippets… Some of the snippets included are pretty basic indeed – like the Theme Details & Next/Prev Links. I still think it’s a great release! 🙂 But not advanced enough for me to actually use it…

    Irrespective, keep up the good work and I’m sure this release will bring another glut of traffic to a great WP Resource! 🙂

  2. Wow, WP is a really tricky system huh. Theres so much things to do with it, well anyways nice post mike. Thanks for sharing!
    Keep it up, WPCandy is doing a great job!

  3. Well I must admit this is a great resource for people looking to get into WordPress designs. They can print out this sheet and reference it as much as possible. That is the best way to learn web design and code, to memorize the code by referencing it.

    I must say Adii, I think Michael is saying this WordPress Help Sheet is more advanced than the previous. This doesn’t cut him back from releasing all of these help sheets as a “series.” Just like calling a product organic or calling it fresh. He next release might be advanced enough for your site. Even though, I don’t think your Web site is even using any “advanced” code. Releasing an actual media medium is much better than just blogging about how much traffic you get. Contribute don’t gloat!

  4. @ Patrick – I’m definitely not gloating and even though my own blog doesn’t neccessarily use “advanced” code, it doesn’t mean that I can’t code it. I’ve actually been in contact with Michael and I’ll be contributing to the next sheet. When I commented, I was just suprised some (what seems to me) like pretty standard snippets, whereas I expected something less well-known – but I definitely wasn’t trying to knock this release.

    I love the initiave and ideas behind it and the WP community can only benefit from blogs such as WPCandy and passionate community members like Michael Castilla.

  5. Obviously better than the previous one, but not necessarily “advanced” as in Advanced 😉

    Replaces the previous one for good though. Keep up the good work Mike.

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  7. Just what I needed, Michael. I’m just starting to tinker with some styling on separate pages, and your Help Sheet will be right by my side.
    It really helps to have all that stuff in one easy sheet, rather than scattered through the Codex.

    Happy New Year!

  8. A great idea and definitely useful.

    One potential pitfall though is that the behaviour of “is_home()” is not as straightforward as might be anticipated: it will only return true when “Front page displays: Your latest posts” is set on the options > reading page – not when “Front page displays: A static page”

    Looking forward to the next installments!

  9. @adii –
    If you are a wordpress designer you should know that probably 80% of the people who use wordpress only use it with theme’s and to do personal blogging. Thus, someone even informing others of these code snippets would be considered advanced to many.

  10. Your welcome everyone!

    If there are any snippets you think are worthy of being on the next Advanced WordPress Sheet, feel free to send them to me using the contact form.

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  15. Thanks for this and the past “tip/ cheat sheet”, I have downloaded both and will print off soon…

    I also look forward to Adii’s contribution for a ‘more’ advance sheet.

    Could we also put a wish list together of what we would like to see??? I personally would like to see more on editing and changing the admin side of things…

    Thanks 🙂

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  18. Nice contribution, however I’d call this intermediate not advanced… these are things you can get from the codex… I’d say advanced are things not necessarily available via the codex.

    P.S. you have a typo under “Unique Templates for Categories” you list in_category 3, cat4.php not cat3.php… just FYI.

    Again nice contribution 🙂

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  24. Nice job on the cheat sheet.

    You may want to revise one section: Unique Templates For Categories.

    There is no need to write all that code to provide a unique template for a category.

    Just create a file called: category-3.php if you want a unique template for category 3.

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  35. Very useful thank you, I will have this pinned up on my wall whilst I write my new theme for my site. Though I would agree with a previous poster that an even more advanced version would be useful, the WP codex can be a little dry so having it is this straight-to-the-point form is ideal.

    Thanks again.


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  42. This is such a great resource… True, it’s good for beginners… but even for advanced users, it’s great for a quick-reference. Thanks!

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  59. This is great.

    I wanted to use the customize category template addition but my theme (Revolution) doesn’t have a category.php file

    What do I do?

    These are the files I have:

    * Stylesheet
    * tab.css
    * Archive Page
    * page_section.php
    * Search Results
    * Main Index Template
    * r_sidebar.php
    * s_footer.php
    * Footer
    * Sidebar
    * 404 Template
    * functions.php
    * Comments
    * l_sidebar.php
    * Archives
    * home.php
    * Page Template
    * Header
    * tabber.php

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  66. Absolutely fantastic – thank you!
    I have only been into WordPress for around 4 months and already I am loving it. This is going to help me stax!

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  69. What is wrong with your typeface?
    I am using FireFox 2.0 and I see the text all broken-up, extremely difficult to read.
    In Internet Explorer it looks fine.
    Check your website in FireFox!
    (thought I’d drop you some feedback)

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  80. Thanks, this is a great piece of kit, saves me doing a search on the main wordpress site, just looking for one tag…

    big thanks.. 😉

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  90. Holy Moly! I’m loving these references! I can barely wait for more, as they make it more user-friendly then the Codex itself. Offers a better learning curve to be sure!

    Question on the “Home Page Only” tag, this wasn’t entirely clear and I don’t want to make under-educated guesses to be sure. Can you use this tag by replacing the “is_home” with say “is_links” or “is_profile”? Also, can you string the exceptions together under one php tag, or do you have to repeat it for each section you want.

    I’m still new to PHP code and goodness forbid I don’t want to kill my site over one small error. I’ve seen what one small error can do to a php-driven design. o.O

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  94. I’ve always thought that a “basic” help sheet presented fundamentals whereas an “advanced” sheet presented next steps. For someone like me who’s just learning their way around, these sheets are perfectly presented whereas the Reference Manual would probably be a better choice for the experts.

    Keep up the good work, Michael.

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  103. I just grabbed your Advanced WordPress Help Sheet. This is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been trying to put one together myself, but have been so busy with web design projects I just couldn’t find time to finish. This will be a HUGE help for my business as we work with WordPress quite frequently. And this is going to save so much time by not having to search every time we run into a problem with function calls. Thanks so much for this Help Sheet!!!

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  123. I found this software the other day, its supposed to be pretty decent. If you’re just getting started and aren’t very familiar with setting everything up it is a great way to do everything with a GUI instead of manually entering the code. I recommend it. It also offers an integrated CMS.

  124. I was searching for the function by which wordpress inserts data into ‘user_metadata’ table…..please help.

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  130. Just a quick comment to let everyone know the link to the help sheet has been fixed. Sorry for the downtime!

  131. Thanks Mike, great post! I’ve downloaded your cheat sheet. It’s cool. Good to know that i’m an “advanced” developer since nothing on it was new to me but it’ll be handy to have a round as a quick reference. I usually look at all my old sites and that’s a mission. Keep it up guy.

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