Siobhan McKeown’s notes on running a local meetup


I haven’t done the best job as the organizer of the WordPress meetup in my city. Our last event was in March (eesh) and I don’t spend the time on it that I should.

Siobhan McKeown attended WordCamp Portsmouth and, as far as I can tell, did a killer job covering the event. One session McKeown covered, and published notes on, was a panel all about improving local WordPress meetups. Now I’m encouraged and have a list made to get back on top of our local event.

2 thoughts on “Siobhan McKeown’s notes on running a local meetup

  1. At the risk of looking like link-bait, I’d like to share a project that I’ve worked on a bit over the years to share what I, and others have learned about running meetups and groups. KickSpark is a resource for any and all interested in starting, maintaining, expanding or reviving a group. We cover the tips, tricks, trials and tribulations that come with organizing a community. My hope is that it proves useful for others who are interested in improving their community but don’t know where to start.

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