Quick Tip: Write a comment policy for your blog


The measure of a community is made up of a number of different factors. The health of the discussions between your posts and your comments. You can control your posts, of course, but you can’t control the comments your visitors make.

What you can do is provide some guidelines for how visitors should take part in the discussion.

Writing a comment policy is like alerting guests in your living room to the expected manners in your home. Don’t think about it as punishing bad comment behavior, though. Think of it as rewarding positive behavior.

We added a comment policy to WPCandy last week. It’s not a long one, either. The short the better, actually.

The WPCandy Comment Policy (here)

Below is the comment policy that we currently use at WPCandy:

WPCandy is our blogging home. The comments and discussion areas are where we invite you in to our living room. We take pleasant behavior seriously, because we want this to be a fun and productive place to be.

If you have any questions about this policy, or believe you have been treated unfairly, you can get in contact with us.

Your comment will be removed if:

  • you comment anonymously (without name or email attached)
  • your comment is off topic
  • your comment doesn’t add to the conversation
  • your comment is considered by WPCandy moderators to be inappropriate

Be nice, stay friendly, and have fun.

Do you use a comment policy on your blog? What’s your approach?

5 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Write a comment policy for your blog

  1. Nice! Yes I have a comment policy, though it is admittedly a lot less serious and has a heavy dose of smart-ass attached:

    >Comment Guidelines: Basic XHTML is allowed (a href, strong, em, code). All line breaks and paragraphs are automatically generated. Email addresses will never be published. Off-topic or inappropriate comments are encouraged, unless it is spam, in which case I’ll delete your ass. Children are the future, so feel free to use offensive and colorful language — they gotta learn sometime!

    That’s for my personal website of course.

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