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When I started freelancing almost two years ago I knew absolutely nothing about WordPress.  When the time came to put my design work online, I had no clue where it should go. For a while I organized files in an Elance portfolio, but that was a complicated and ugly mess, especially back then. After that I moved on to It has a great design and slick interface, but it’s limited and it’s not free (as in beer or speech). CarbonMade always felt “good enough” but was never what I really wanted.

Thank God I learned a little more about WordPress!

While WordPress’ project management capabilities are still developing and its contact management is adequate, creating and managing a portfolio is where WordPress really shines! There are almost too many portfolio themes to count and new ones are being developed all the time. Here are a few of the best portfolio themes for WordPress.

Paid Portfolio Themes


Proudfolio | Demo

photographicPhoto Graphic | Demo

blackcanvasBlack Canvas | Demo

mavenportfolioMaven Portfolio | Demo

Free Portfolio Themes

snapshotSnapshot | Demo

sharpfolioSharpfolio | Demo

portfoliowordpressthemePortfolio WordPress Theme | Demo

linquistLinquist | Demo

9 thoughts on “Freelancing with WordPress: Setting Up Your Portfolio Using WordPress

  1. Thank you for cool info, I haven’t heard of beautiful and clean Linquist theme…
    But I still think, that one of the best free portfolio theme of all times is missing in your list. I am talking about Thad Allender and his awesome portfolio theme – Work-a-holic @ 🙂
    …and I can’t also forget gorgeous free Portfolio theme by 😉 – demo @ for those, who addores GPL. Thanks once again – I love your articles.

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  4. Thanks for sharing these themes, although I’ve seen most of them before I quite like the ‘Linquist’ & ‘Photo Graphic’ themes. I haven’t developed an online portfolio as a front yet because I like to talk with clients first and not have them put off just because a certain website is not their preferred style. Perhaps I’m being a little naive in the area but it seems that every next developer on WordPress has a portfolio as their front page right now and you have to offer perhaps a more personalized service to stand out right now.

  5. WordPress is great for portfolios. It took me about 3 months to warm up to the idea, but now that I did I love it. Very simple and helpful as well. I really love custom keys. They come in hand. Check out the wordpress template codex for help.



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