Quick Tip: Secure your WordPress website


Security is important, but oftentimes it’s forgotten about when it’s a personal blog or a pet project. Take some time this week and ensure the future of your WordPress site.

There are a couple of quick ways you can better lock down and secure your site, using Plugins.

Protect your login

First, grab Login Lockdown, a Plugin that safeguards your WordPress login screen. There are a few settings, but the basic settings will get you pretty far.

Protect your WordPress files

Secondly, set up WordPress File Monitor. This Plugin will email you every time it identifies a file change on your site. Your can exclude a file or directory to avoid certain files that you choose to regularly update.

Backup your files, just in case

Finally, set up a backup process. You can do it yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend leaving something that important up to yourself when you could forget.

Check out the Plugins BackupBuddy or VaultPress. They do cost, but it’s worth it knowing that your full site is being backed up every day on its own.

For more security tips

If you’d like to spend more time improving your site’s security, you can read our more in depth blog post 12 Clever Tips for Securing Your WordPress Site.

Do you follow these, or similar tips for securing your WordPress site? If not, what keeps you from protecting your site?

2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Secure your WordPress website

  1. You could also add to the list, “use second factor authentication” instead of standard passwords.

    There is a new website authentication method https://www.shieldpass.com where you buy cheap access cards and then install the WordPress plugin. You then place your card onto the screen to see the dynamic login numbers instead of a static password. It is unique in also being able to encode transaction digits for mutual authentication which stops attackers man in the middle tactics, even one with access into your laptop or mobile.

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