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Hey what’s up everyone, I am a contributing writer here at for a couple of posts. My name is Patrick Algrim and I am the owner of, I am sure you have heard Michael Castilla talk about our Web site before. Well, I am here to share with you a great trick to help improve your network. Creating an “About this Author” portion for your Web site is much easier than you may think!

So I was quite frustrated for an hour or so trying to figure out how everyone was creating a small portion of information for each author that had a post. I was pleased to find out that it was quite easy to do and quite simple to customize.

There will be two sources of information that will help you to accomplish this goal. The first is the Author Image Plugin and the second is the the_author_description codex.

Go ahead and download the plugin, take a look at their information for installation. It is quite simple to install. Once you have it installed, you are going to go to your “Single Page” template file and pick out a section where you want the information to be displayed. You are going to need some sort of CSS to handle both of the author image and the author description. So I suggest creating a DIV for your testing, and further move into customization after installation.

Once you have found a good place to put the author image code in. The code will look like this:

<?php the_author_image(); ?>

Once you have that entered, place right next to it the wordpress codex that will drag in the “About yourself” section of the authors profile. To do that all you have to do is enter in this code:

<?php the_author_description(); ?>

Now in order for any author image to display, you will have to create it and upload it in your profile. But I have noticed a small bug that may hold you back. In order to enter an author image, you must be the administrator, and go under the author of your choices account (under users -> edit) and then you will notice an upload form will appear. I suggest you make a 75 x 75 pixel image to use for the author, since it is compact and practical.

Obviously, you should start customizing the CSS that you have wrapping the author image and the author description. It is quite simple to make this work in various ways, you can even drag in the author Web site like you see on If you would like to test out different WordPress codex’s, just browse the links above and you should be able to figure it out quite easily. Any problems, let me know and I will try and help anyone out.

Here’s the example of how I used this on Hell Yeah Dude:

Has anyone else had other experiences creating an “About this Author?”

19 thoughts on “Creating an “About this Author” for Multiple Authors

  1. Yeah now Michael C. has got to set up multiple authors on this site. But he’s too busy being in high school…

    He will be contributing to HYD as well. Hopefully he makes as great as posts as I do on here! Booya!

  2. I’m looking for a plugin that will simply let you list out all the different author profiles (outside of the post Loop). It’d be handy for those of us going above and beyond the blog, and want to build a “Team” page or something.

    Anyone have a good solution to this? I have my own workaround right now, but it seems silly to not make use of the profiles that are already there.

  3. @Verne – I’m right there with you. I used the_author_image and the_author_description on
    this site (if you click on an author photo attached to a post it will take you to their bio page), but it’s annoying that there’s no way (that I know of) to create a team page. Unfortunately I had to code this one by hand, which makes it annoying to update.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  4. My workaround right now is to create pages for each team member and whore the custom fields like there’s no tomorrow. My agency’s team page also has one custom field that defines the IDs of the team members. I then basically explode the variable into an array and pull each of those ID’s in a foreach loop.

    It’s not as clean as I’d like it, but at least the content for each profile is still managed within the WP CMS.

    Somebody needs to create a plugin for this…!

  5. Has anyone tried using the author image plugin with WordPress 2.5? I just have and it seemed to work for a bit, but then fell over. Here’s what I really want the plugin to be capable of:

    * Authors (not just admins) can upload their own image
    * the_author_image() tag can be used outside of the loop without going wrong

    I got it working for a bit by basically doing the same as the instructions in the original post (I used the ‘author’ template not ‘single post’) and even used the tag outside of the loop. It then just broke on me though. It’s probably a combination of not being compatible with 2.5 and not handling multiple users properly.

    It would be great if someone could fix this – letting users add their own image when they register along with their desrciption would open up a whole new world of collective blogging. All the admin would have to do is approve the registration and change their role from ‘subscriber’ to ‘author’.

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  15. Hey! Big thanks for this post! I’ve been meaning to feature something like this on my blog, but never had the time to do so. Now I see it doesn’t take too much time 🙂

    I’ll let you know more about how this goes. Thanks man ^_^

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