Developer Tip: Host a WordPress Blog for Development

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This idea, simple as it is, was completely foreign to me until my friend Cory Miller brought it to my attention. Install WordPress into a subdomain of your website for testing and creating new themes.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to set up your own WordPress development blog:

  1. Add a new subdomain to your hosting account. Each host is slightly different, check with them.
  2. Establish a new database for your subdomain, and enter the details into your wp-config.php file. Again, this can differ depending on your host.
  3. Travel via FTP or transfer protocol of choice to your new subdomain folder. Enter at will.
  4. Delete any of the default files that act as placeholders until you add something to the site.
  5. Upload the contents of the WordPress install folder as you would for any other WordPress install.
  6. Visit your new subdomain and click the WordPress install link. If you don’t see it, there may be some problem with how you uploaded your WordPress files. Check my instructions and the instructions to be sure you’ve followed them closely.
  7. When customizing your install (call it “WordPress Testing Blog” or something to that effect) be sure to uncheck the box that says you want this blog to be crawled by engines. You don’t want that.
  8. Enjoy your up to date testing ground for WordPress themes!

There you have it. Right now I’m running (1,2..) 7 development blogs strictly for WordPress to keep up with my clients. What about the rest of you – how many development blogs are you running?

And of course, if you would like to be one of my clients, just drop me a line via the contact form.