WordPress 2.5 Released!


As announced today by Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Dallas, Automattic has officially released WordPress 2.5, along with their new site design!

What’s new in WordPress 2.5? The biggest change you’ll see is the new administration theme, designed by HappyCog. The new theme definitely streamlines and simplifies the WordPress interface a lot. It also includes a customizable dashboard, built-in galleries (hallelujah!!), built-in Gravatars, and even faster loading speeds.

WordPress.org Screenie

This build of WordPress is looking more fantastic than ever! Let’s give a huge thanks to the developers and designers at WordPress for a great release!

WordPress 2.5 is available for download over at WordPress.org. And if you’re a WordPress.com user, fear not, you will receive an update to 2.5 in the next week.

As for WPCandy, we will be upgrading to 2.5 soon, as well as making sure our WPCandy v1 WordPress Theme is compatible. Stay tuned for more news on 2.5.

16 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5 Released!

  1. The Blog Post on the front screen of wordpress.org about wp 2.5 is leading to an empty post and after installing v2.5 on my local testsystem, it says “development version – stay updated” with a link to the svn repository.


  2. Glad its released and I will upgrade when my hosts installer application sees it (Its so much more simple than the normal WordPress installation) I do think the design is an much needed improvement but Mike should have designed it 😛

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  4. I’m actually loving the new design, I was sceptical at first, but since using the RCs, and not just looking at screen shots, I’ve found I have a much better work flow than with the old layout.

    The design is a move in the right direction anyway, the old style looked old!

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