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Nitram+Nunca presents the thoughts and the products of designer Kei Sasaki covering human interface design, interaction design, graphic design and information technology. Nitram+Nunca has a muy hermosa design, designed by the great Kei Sasaki.

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Brandon Muth

Brandon is the Director of DWT Interactive at DW Turner, Inc in Albuquerque, NM. This blog has one of the most amazingly simple designs I’ve ever seen, but the design isn’t the only thing that makes this site stand out. The posts published, provide some great reads that aren’t just centered around one topic.

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We Break Stuff Blog

Webreakstuff is a design, development and strategy company who helps companies launch successful web-based products. Like any other good company, they have a nice blog to go along with their main portfolio site.

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Things Blog

Things Blog is the development blog of the Mac OS X application, Things. Things is an application developed by Cultured Code, to make multi tasking on your Mac as easy as can be.

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Matt Gemmell

This is the blog of Mac OS X developer, Matt Legend Gemmell. Matt has experience in at least a dozen languages and a host of technologies. That’s true of most people in this line of work these days, right?

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J3Concepts is the online Web site of Jared Nickerson, an amazing graphic designer, who is most known for his t-shirt designs.

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Only Blog Jobs

Only Blog Jobs offers a job board list style Web site for Bloggers looking for freelance and/or full time jobs. Only Blog Jobs lists just that, only blog jobs!

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Helvetica Film Blog

<a href="http://www.helveticafilm.com/&quot;

This is the blog for the highly regarded documentary entitled ‘Helvetica’. The film itself is about typography, graphic design, and global visual culture. Now, normally I despise white space on a site design, but I love the design of this blog. The way the colours flow, the way it’s setup, and the overall idea behind the film and the design.

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4 thoughts on “Featured Sites for 04/10

  1. Not bad.

    You should start doing like “Theme Releases for [date]” like webtools… but make it the themes you like or something… ?

  2. Helvetica is out on DVD, I watched it last weekend via Netflix. Although it sounds like a really dry subject, (a movie about a font!?!) it was quite interesting to learn more about the politics of typefaces, and to see how typefaces used to be made.

  3. The Helvetica movie has been out several months.
    As a graphic design student i went to the Helvetica exhibition that was in Sheffield for a short amount of time.
    It was interesting about how much it is used.

    There are some interesting sites there Brady nice finds.

  4. @Michael Cromarty – Actually, it was Mike Castilla who found the sites. I wrote the post because he’s been so busy with other stuff, I figured he could use a break.

    @Michael Clark – Thanks for pointing that out, fixed now.

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