Featured Sites for 02/05



Carsonified is a “privately held company based in the United Kingdom, in a beautiful town called Bath. We focus on building web applications, while also offering world-class events for the web industry.”

They’re a bunch of awesome peeps who really are making the Web a better place. They’re also the creators of Future of Web Apps, Future of Web Design, and all those sweet conferences.

Designed by: Elliot Jay Stocks

Visit Carsonified


Typesites “is a biweekly showcase of websites with interesting typographic design”, with design critique courtesy of Elliot Jay Stocks and Rett Martin. This site was just launched less than a week ago, but I can tell already it’s going to be a rad source for inspiration.

Designed by: Kyle Meyer

Visit Typesites

Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stocks is the blog, portfolio, and pretty much playground of well, Elliot Jay Stocks himself. His blog is full of Web Design, Apple, and software articles, as well as tutorials and resources.

The one thing most people love about this site is its gorgeous design. It’s an automatic “Woah”.

Designed by: Elliot Jay Stocks (obviously)

Visit Elliot Jay Stocks

Play Work Play

Play Work Play “is a web development studio based in Malang, Indonesia. We dig web standard and we love, love, love web design.” Their blog also has some neat WordPress tutorials and tips, so make sure to go check those out!

Their design is another “Woah”. It’s simply beautiful in every aspect.

Designed by: Hafiz Rahman

Visit Play Work Play

Hydra Studio Blog

Hydra Studio is “an interactive design and development firm” based out of Orlando, Florida with a killer site design. Their blog about the company is powered by WordPress.

Designed by: The Hydra Studio Team

Visit Hydra Studio

Design You Trust

Design You Trust is a design blog with tons of resources and articles on design, as well as being as huge collection of inspiration. Another site design I’m in love with!

Designed by: Dmitry Utkin

Visit Design You Trust

7 thoughts on “Featured Sites for 02/05

  1. Hi there, thanks for linking to Typesites.

    I’ve been a long time feed reader of “Design You Trust” and I must say it’s a great source of inspiration.

  2. Surely you could come up with some better examples than that??? The top three are golden but the others are average!!

    btw after that negative, how do we get some of our future release websites up?? 😉

  3. @Jermayn – These are sites that I think are worthy of sharing.

    People can submit sites to be featured through our contact form, and if I think they’re worth sharing, I’ll share them!

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