WordPress 3.3 saw over 21 million downloads in six months


Right now WordPress 3.3 (well, 3.3.2) is the most recent version of WordPress. However we’re nearing the end of that time as WordPress 3.4 approaches.

What better time to take a fun look at some download numbers?

WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” was released on December 12, 2011, just 183 days ago. So far 3.3 has been downloaded over 21 million times, or an average of 115,000 every day.

It’s easy to get desensitized to these big numbers over time, but really: these are big numbers, aren’t they?

With WordPress 3.4 RC3 out now, it’s probably only a couple of days before we see the full release available. Are you ready for a big WordPress update?

WordPress 3.3.1 is available, ready for your upgradin’


I bet ever since WordPress 3.3 was released a few weeks ago, you’ve just been itching to upgrade your site again. Right? I knew it. Scratch that itch today by upgrading to 3.3.1, which was made available last night.

This point release includes fixes fifteen specific bugs (one of which we pinged you about yesterday), including a cross-site scripting security issue that was disclosed via [email protected] and swiftly taken care of. I won’t pretend to say I fully understand just what the security issue was, though I do trust the folks at Sucuri when they refer to it as not a “serious vulnerability.” Even so, you should go ahead and update your sites today. Go on, you know you want to.

PSA: Hey admins, don’t make yourselves subscribers by accident


There’s a slight, but fairly significant, bug present in WordPress 3.3. If you try to (where you are an administrator on your site) you can set yourself as a subscriber and therefore lock yourself out of your own site. Consider this a public service announcement to let you know that you can set yourself as a subscriber, so you are conscious about not doing it.

For the curious, currently within the bulk editing tools on the Users Dashboard page you can select yourself and set yourself as a subscriber (or technically any other role).

There’s a fix pending for WordPress 3.3.1 that was recently committed, so just make sure you don’t do it between now and the 3.3.1 update and you should be fine.

Struggling with your 3.3 upgrade? This forum thread has you covered.


With the best intentions we at WPCandy published a post where we’ve tracked the various plugin conflicts and issues we’ve heard about since WordPress 3.3 was announced. It did its job, but then I ran across this thread started by Ipstenu in the WordPress.org support forums.

Okay, so imagine completing a cart-wheel and congratulating yourself, then turning around and seeing a world glass gymnast kind of chuckling to herself. That’s sort of what I feel like now, except instead of a gymnast I turn around to face Ipstenu, a Half-Elf Support Rogue. No, seriously, that’s her title in the WordPress forums.

If you were relying on our measly post on the topic so far this week, go ahead and forget about it and focus on that forum thread. It’s solid and has a ton more information than ours does.

Nice one, my elven friend, but this isn’t over. We will meet again.

WPCandy Podcast 28: 3.3 and then some edition


What better way to round out a work week but with the WPCandy Podcast? Okay don’t answer that, because I’m sure there are much better ways. Let’s just forget I said anything.

Brian, Daniel and myself are all present this time around, and quite a bit happened this week for us to talk about. WordPress 3.3 came out, which of course is a worthwhile topic. In addition DevPress has changed gears, a ThemeForest author crossed the million dollar mark in sales, and—wait, why don’t you just listen to the episode already?

Jump straight into the podcast audio here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Link-wise, this week we discussed:

Daniel’s pick this episode was the recently launched WP LifeGuard, Brian picked the Stripe payment gateway, and my own pick was the Featured Image Column plugin.

Subscribe to the show on iTunes, or directly to the RSS feed. As always you can send any emails you would like to have included on the show to . Download links are after the jump.

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First (After)Taste: WordPress 3.3 on the iPad


If you haven’t seen the First Taste coverage of WordPress 3.3, you should probably watch that. If you’ve already seen that, then this could interest you. Brian and I didn’t really get a chance to check out WordPress 3.3 on the iPad, so this morning I present to you the first First (After)Taste, which basically amounts to me recording myself playing around with WordPress on the iPad. You’re welcome.

Among the new features that WordPress 3.3 brings to the table is iPad/table compatibility. If you don’t have a tablet or iPad to try this out, this video will show you what you’re missing.

The video is embedded at the top of this post’s page.

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Poll: What’s your favorite feature in WordPress 3.3?


WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” is out now and (hopefully you’ve noticed) we’ve gone through all the noteworthy features in a big blog post. But noteworthy is a relative term. The real question is: which feature is the noteoworthiest to you? Or, a better question using real words would be: which feature in WordPress 3.3 is your favorite?

Vote in the poll below, and stop by in the comments to let everyone know why you voted the way you did. You can pick up to two features when you vote.

For extra bonus points this post, check back on the results of our similar poll when 3.2 was released. Do the most popular features in that poll still effect your use of WordPress?

Everything we know about the newly released WordPress 3.3


With a new version of WordPress out and about, one might wonder just what’s new under the hood. Wonder no longer dear friend, because in this post I’m going to walk you through everything about WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” that we’re aware of. Before you know it you’ll be the coolest kid on your block.

You know, assuming relative coolness where you live is decided  by how much you know about the latest version of WordPress. In which case you might already be the coolest kid there. So. Yeah.

The real fun starts after the jump.

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Listen to our WordPress 3.3 playlist on Spotify


Every major release of WordPress is named after a jazz musician. It’s one of those things that keeps the project fun and human, I think. This release the titular artist is Sonny Stitt, an American saxophonist who passed away in 1982. If you’d like to get to know Sonny better, I’ve created a Spotify playlist with lots of his music on it.