How to map domains to sites within WordPress multisite


One of the coolest (if not the coolest) parts of running a WordPress Multisite installation is mapping domains to turn network sites into unique domains that can carry their own identity. I’ve been using, and enjoying, this technique for some time now. WPCandy is a mapped domain, in fact, on top of the GooRoo primary domain.

If you are yet to get your feet wet with domain mapping and WordPress, this is the tutorial for you.¬†We’re going to walk through what we need to get started and the best way to map the domains to our multisite installations.

Let’s get started!

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Multisite isn’t simple enough for users. And it shouldn’t be.


A weekly editorial, from Ryan Imel the editor of WPCandy

This may sound funny coming from someone who has written tutorials on setting up multisite and presented on the topic too, but: WordPress Multisite is not simple enough for users. Just anyone can’t enable it and run it, as well as administer it correctly. For those users who gravitate toward WordPress’ simplicity, multisite doesn’t really follow suit.

And that’s a good thing.

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How to enable Multisite on your WordPress 3.0+ installation


One could say I’m a fan of WordPress Multisite. I have done my best to convince people to start using multisite at WordCamp Detroit, WordCamp MSP, and of course on this blog. I’ve focused to convincing WordPressers to take the dive in and get rolling with it, due to how it can speed up development time and overall make your time spent with WordPress more efficient. In short, you should be using WordPress Multisite.

But I’ve never written up a guide to setting up multisite. Today we change that. We’re going to look at how to turn multisite on, what to consider regarding the initial configuration, and then what to do once you’ve finished.

Let’s get started!

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