Build WordPress themes smarter: 23 theme frameworks compared


WordPress theme frameworks are all the rage. There is no question that developing themes using a framework is the most efficient way to develop with WordPress. So the question is: which theme do you choose?

Assuming you haven’t created your own theme framework, your next option is to rely on another developer who has. There are a number of options, both free and paid, with varying levels of complexity and support. How do you even begin to choose?

We have compared every major theme framework, provided background information on each, and provided a poll that you can use to weigh in on which is the best.

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Crafting Your Theme Framework’s Structure and Layout


Frameworks - Layout masthead

So far in our quest to create our own theme framework we’ve taken a moment, a brief pause, to learn from the greats who are already managing popular WordPress theme frameworks. Now it’s time to start putting this know-how into practice.

In this part of the tutorial we’re going to nail down a flexible HTML structure and very basic CSS. From here we’ll be able to build out our WordPress theme files and start adding in some of what makes a framework a framework.

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A Look into the World’s Most Popular Theme Frameworks


How to Create Your Own WordPress Theme Framework, part 2

Now that we’ve realized the value of building your own theme framework it’s time to start building it. The best laid plans a happy framework make, so we’re going to start this the smart way. What are the frameworks of today, and how can we learn from them?

I’d like to take this quick second to praise each of these developers for doing what they do, and for supporting the GPL. By embracing open source (and no doubt being embraced back, but I’m not talking) they’ve made our review session here possible. You all rock.

Now, let’s go steal some of their work and improve it.

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Create Your Own WordPress Theme Framework


Create Your Own WordPress Theme Framework, 01

If “premium theme” was the talk of WordPress Land in 2008, I’d wager a bet that the favorite talk of 2009 will be over “theme frameworks.” There are plenty of awesome frameworks out there for you to use, too.

This series of posts is going to offer a method for developing your own theme framework. We’ll learn from the aforementioned awesome themes, develop a plan of action, and follow through with building it out. Care to join?

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