Code Poet relaunches, expands beyond a listing service


“I’m just a huge supporter of having all these small businesses built around WordPress, whether individuals or small companies,” Pete Davies told me over the phone. “And I know there’s stuff that people struggle with everyday, and stuff you can’t help them with in the WordPress forums.”

Davies is the Premium Services Lead at Automattic, and the lead on the latest Code Poet project. He and his team have expanded from a directory of high-end WordPress consultants into a resource site for anyone building website — or “making things” — with WordPress.

The new, or rather, offers two free ebooks, interviews with WordPress professionals, and a collection of resources the team has curated that they think other Code Poets would find useful. The listings, or Code Poet Directory, can now be found at

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Meet the slightly realigned WPCandy design


Posting about Sucuri Security’s redesign yesterday reminded me that I haven’t done a proper post talking about some of the recent updates to the WPCandy site design. If you normally read only via RSS, now’s a good time to pop over to the site proper and check out the (kind of new) look.

There are a number of updates to the design that you might have noticed already. I’ll run through my favorites in this post.

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Sucuri Security redesigns and revamps their website


Sucuri Security has redesigned their website, from front page to their free SiteCheck scanner tool. Sucuri worked with WebDevStudios on the redesign, starting on the design and finishing with the development, well, yesterday.

Tony Perez, Sucuri CFO, explained their thought process when considering doing a full redesign:

The discussion as you might imagine, revolved around when would be the right time to change our virtual storefront, our website. We had the normal back and forth, “It’s fine” “We just did it two years ago” “People know who we are” etc.. but in the end we decided, that YES, it was time.

I think we’ve all gone through that thought process before, right? As you’d expect, comparison screenshots of the redesign are posted just after the jump.

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It seems to be the season of change; even has the bug. In a recent update, they released a short list of the improvements they’ve made to the site’s design.

First, activity updates have been turned off. The decision to disable this form of contact was made to clear up the confusion of how to best get the support one needs. Now all support requests should be made via the Support Forums. Groups and member directories have also been hidden. The directories still exist but now links to them have been hidden. Since there’s no reason to visit them, they felt it was best to remove the links. has been updated to the latest versions of WordPress and BuddyPress as well, to incorporate the new toolbar that was introduced in WordPress 3.3. Profile, plugins, themes, and showcase page styles have all been updated as well.

While this isn’t everything that has been done, or will be done in the near future, it seems to capture what most people will be excited to see.

If you haven’t checked the redesign out yet, you should really head over there. What other changes have you noticed around team refreshes their .com support page

1, the popular hosted blogging platform run from Automattic, refreshed the design of their support page the other day. The previous design featured a number of lists full of links, and was a bit overwhelming. In his post, Happiness Engineer Andrew Spittle explained that they looked at data about where people would run into the most problems with and redesigned the support page in response.

The refresh comparison is posted, in full, just below the jump.

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Automattic realigns website shortly after WordCamp San Francisco


Sometime after WordCamp San Francisco, Automattic launched a slight redesign of their site. It’s not a drastic change: more of a realignment than a redesign.

It was Chelsea Otakan that first mentioned the change on Twitter. That makes complete sense, since she is a Design Wrangler for Automattic.

Like we normally do, we’ve posted the side by side comparison image just after the jump.

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WPCoder redesigns, relaunches, shares what they’ve been up to


The folks at WPCoder have relaunched their site with a classy new design by Alvin Thong of Sixbase. Michael Castilla also describes their team as a “more personal and professional WordPress development team” now, rather than a simple PSD to WordPress team. The site redesign and relaunch is a part of their new goal, according to Dan Philibin:

If you remember the old site, with the machine and the modal boxes and the lovely brown background, you’ll immediately recognize that we’ve got a whole lot more to say than before. We’ve learned so much since we started back in September 2008. As you can see, we are starting to take some of those new ideas and improvements into action to make WPCoder the best WordPress development service on the ‘net.

For the bulk of the last three years, the WPCoder design portrayed them as a PSD to WordPress service, as you can see in the redesign comparison image just after the jump. According to their relaunch blog post they are aiming their sights a bit higher this year.

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DevPress relaunches with new design and direction


DevPress launched last September, as a collaborative work between four WordPress professionals: Justin Tadlock, Patrick Daly, Ptah Dunbar, and Tung Do. They created a good deal of buzz with the launch of their free News theme, and a few blog posts to get things rolling.

That buzz might just continue this week, with the news that they have relaunched their site with a new commercial theme called Visual designed for social and photo blogging. We have redesign comparison screenshots just after the jump, as we usually do, as well as the stylish video they made promoting their new theme.

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StudioPress launches site redesign, ditches orange for blue


The folks at StudioPress, the theme shop responsible for the Genesis theme framework, launched a new site design this week. StudioPress lead designer Rafal Tomal was behind the new design, which Brian Gardner explained is a part of their brand’s new transition:

Every once in a while brands go through transitions which can certainly warrant a color change, and for StudioPress this was the perfect time.

It’s been nearly 9 months since StudioPress came together with a few others to form Copyblogger Media – a development company which provides a suite of tools to help publishers succeed online.

As we have slowly worked our development into the trinity of essential software products, we wanted the StudioPress brand to represent a vibrant and professional movement within WordPress – focused on design optimization alongside the Genesis Framework.

You might remember that StudioPress merged into Copyblogger Media last fall. They also launched their first theme on the marketplace as well, joining the initial launch group.

As we try to do, just after the jump you’ll see a comparison image, with their old site on the right and their new design on the left.

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