Behind the Site: Mojo Themes, a WordPress theme marketplace


Ed: Brady Nord is one of the founders of the popular WordPress theme marketplace, Mojo Themes. Brady offered us a look behind the scenes of their site, which is (of course) built on WordPress. It’s the perfect addition to our ongoing Behind the Site series.

In this series, a WordPress site’s owner walks us through what makes their site unique and how it does what it does. At this point I’ll hand it off to Brady, who wrote in-depth about their popular WordPress marketplace below.

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Behind the Site: Tripawds, a user-supported three legged dog community


Ed: Tripawds is, in all honesty, a very touching site. It is a community of bloggers and users supporting canine amputees. The site is run by Jim and Rene Nelson, and just so happens to be running on WordPress. Jim offered to share some background information on Tripawds when he saw our ongoing Behind the Site series.

In this series, a WordPress site’s owner walks us through what makes their site unique and how it does what it does. At this point I’ll hand it off to Jim, who wrote about he and his wife’s site below.

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Behind the Site: Adaptistration, a blog for the orchestra business


We have no shortage of interesting and unique sites in our Behind the Site series. Today’s is no different. The site we will be hearing more about today is called Adaptistration, and it’s a blog run by Drew McManus all about the orchestra business.

And naturally it’s running on WordPress.

Drew will tell us a little bit more about the site and what plugins he is running just after the jump. If you see something interesting, or if you’d like to submit your own site for inclusion in a future installment of Behind the Site, leave a note in the comments.

I’ll hand the mic over to Drew for the rest of the post.

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Behind the Site:, the weekly WordPress newsletter


Behind the Site is easily one of the most popular series on WPCandy. In each edition of Behind the Site, we welcome a new guest author to the site to walk us through their WordPress site, what they use to power it, and hear a bit about their overall WordPress technique.

This week’s Behind the Site is, a weekly email newsletter that collects and sends out all sorts of WordPress articles each week. Cristian Antohe is the one behind, and will take things from this point on to tell us more about the site.

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Behind the Site: WordPress Multisite shop


The response to the new series, Behind the Site, has been great. A number of you have offered up a look behind the curtain of your sites, so there are plenty on the way.

This week’s Behind the Site is WP eBooks, a site run by Ron and Andrea Rennick. In this post they (well, Andrea) will tell you about the site, what plugins they are using, and what they’ve customized to make it work the way it does.

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Behind the Site:, unofficial WordPress news blog


Today I’m happy to usher in a new post series on WPCandy called Behind the Site. It’s not much of a series right now since we’re at post number one, but we’ll get there.

Behind the Site is a series for sharing more about the inner workings of a WordPress site, almost the way you would an interview with a person. We want to get to know the site, find out what makes it tick, and see how we might emulate what it does. If our WordPress Workspaces series offers a bit of insight into the workspaces WordPress professionals work in, Behind the Site should offer some insight into what those professionals have built.

As I did to open up the WordPress Workspaces series, I’ll be offering up a site of my own for Behind the Site’s first round: this one. We’ll look at what makes up WPCandy, what drives it, and hopefully touch on what makes it a unique site.

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