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WPCoder is a web design and development startup based out of Miami, FL. Since The talented team of young WordPress enthusiasts specialize in building incredible websites for WordPress.

A Little Bit About Us

We’re a small group of code ninjas that specialize in WordPress development. In addition to Dan and I, two active WordPress developers, we’ve also added a guy by the name of Ryan Imel to the development team. We found him after posting the opening mentioned above. Ryan will bring his development expertise to the table and allow us to take on even more projects at once.

WPCoder’s Previous History

I’ve had the domain WPCoder.com for a while, first used as my portfolio site and then planned as the home of a new site for WordPress hacks and snippets by my good friend, Alain Fontaine. Unfortunately, the site couldn’t squeeze out of the development stage, leaving WPCoder, once again, useless, empty, and alone.

When Dan was running WPCustomization, an older PSD-to-WordPress turnaround site, I mentioned to him that I had this domain available. He was already planning on revamping the site, so it was decided that WPCustomization would be come WPCoder and it would be launched as a WPCandy site. Dan gained tons of experience from running WPCustomization, which we then took into account when planning WPCoder.

Our Recent Redesign

I’m sure the first thing you noticed was WPCoder’s amazing design (what an understatement). We’re sporting an extremely unique design concept by another first-class designer. Matt Davey, designer of the current WPCandy logo, created the WPCoder identity, and Ben Debnam of Goo Creative was hired to expand the logo’s theme and design our site’s front page. WPCoder sports a gorgeous machine on the homepage which perfectly illustrates the purpose of WPCoder.

Behind the scenes is our custom client area, developed with CodeIgniter by our own Dan Philibin. He saw this as an opportunity to learn the CodeIgniter framework and proceeded to develop our project management system, where customers can login and manage projects, comments, files, notes, and more.

Let us know what you think about the site, the design, or just about anything else. We want to hear what you’ve got to say!

29 thoughts on “WPCoder – Custom WordPress Theme Design & Development

  1. Okay, the design took a lot of talent. But the word “ninjas” is a bit cheesy and overused – sooo 1997, and when I see the whole factory thing, it screams “non-unique.” Seems to say, “We’re just churnin’ em out! Still, love the clipboard page.

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  3. Glad everyone likes the design, working with the WPcandy, WPcoder team has been a real pleasure. Matt Davey and I are great buddies so its always a joy working with him on stuff πŸ˜€

  4. Awesome work guys! Really love the site itself and if that is anything to go by, then the coding will be top-notch stuff as well. I might have to send some work your way… πŸ˜›

  5. the price is ok guys… just leave it like that… the developers are not there to give their work for free… we need to eat!!

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  7. Sites like this, 100% aimed at designers and programmers, seriously, how many of them don’t have javascript enabled. Always an argument lost on me!

    Great design by the way!

  8. @Spence – That is not an argument! No matter who is likely to view the site you should always make sure it degrades gracefully. It’s a very basic development process: Always develop a site assuming the worst and then progressively enhance from that point upwards! It’s not rocket science and making this particular site degrade is not a lengthy task, I doubt it would take long at all!

    You can’t just assume that all people viewing the site are going to have JavaScript enabled! Even if it’s only 0.05% who have it disabled it’s still worth the time to make the site functions correctly for them!

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