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No we haven’t created a plugin. Although me and Mike would like to create some plugins to make to make it easier for you all. Whats that? Tell us your ideas? Hmmm maybe not at the moment, maybe sometime in the future. Maybe a project for me and Mike in the upcoming months?

Anyway back to the subject, there is a plugin that shares our name. The WPCandy plugin allows you to add snippets of text or as the plugin says “a candy” into a specific location on a page without having to add it into the theme manually all the time.

wpcandy plugin

These locations can be between your blog posts, before or after a title, before or after a comment and even in your footer.

So you could possibly add Google Adsense between posts or comments. You could have your own text links that you have sold or you can add quote!

Anything you think that will benefit your WordPress powered blog or site. Installation is easy, just add the WPCandy plugin to wp-content/plugins and activate from the admin panel. To add and change links go to options and WPCandy.

Do you want the download link?

Here it is.

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  1. I am working on developing a framework for creating WordPress plugins. You might want to check it out if you are interested in plugin development. It is still in the early stages but it shows the basic concept of the framework.


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