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You might remember Ronald Huereca as our WordCamp Austin ticket “winner”. I had the pleasure of talking with him at the event and quickly realized he knows his stuff, so much so that he was a presenter at WordCamp Philly last year. It is a good thing then that he has put some of his knowledge down on virtual paper.

WordPress & Ajax” is not a book for the casual WordPress user. It is an informative read on using the power of Ajax to make websites more dynamic and user friendly so a working knowledge of PHP and jQuery is needed to follow along. The book would probably most benefit WordPress developers who have an idea what Ajax can do, but not how to implement it in their own work.

In my opinion, the quality and expertise in “WordPress & Ajax” is up there with any O’Reilly or Wiley book.

While Ronald’s writing style is conversational and at times quite funny (an unfortunate rarity in tech book), he dives right into his subject with enthusiasm. He offers lots of examples and not only explains the “how” but goes into the “why”, which helps the reader understand new concepts and connect them to what they already know.

The original version of “WordPress & Ajax” was released in April of 2010. This 2nd edition, released January 1st, now uses the latest WordPress functions and WordPress’ built-in admin-ajax.php file. Ronald also went through and reorganized chapters, even adding a couple, and formatting the images and diagrams to look good on a variety of ebook readers (it looks great on my Kindle) as well as in print.

In my opinion, the quality and expertise in “WordPress & Ajax” is up there with any O’Reilly or Wiley book. Add in the value you get from free updates when new editions come out, and it is really a no-brainer for anyone interested in utilizing Ajax in their WordPress repertoire.

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This review was completed with a digital copy of WordPress & Ajax, provided to WPCandy for review purposes.

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