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WordPress µ or otherwise known as WordPress MU pronounced WordPress EM-YEW is the great Blog/CMS system we all know as WordPress only that its multi-user. Now your probably thinking multi-user what do you mean. Well if you have a blog on WordPress.com, or have visited the site, then you have already been using WordPress µ.

It’s basically the WordPress software hosted multiple times, and the great thing about it is it the same great open source software you use for your own WordPress blog.

You can have plugins, themes and multiple authors. The software is used by people and companies such as Harvard and Le Monde.

Another great thing about WordPress µ is that if your a developer for WordPress you can also develop for WordPress µ.

So if your interested in hosting multiple blogs and also offering a blog hosting service, i recommend trying out WordPress µ.

I myself have been thinking about launching a website based around this software and i think that it has great potential in it and could be a little money earner if correctly run.

WordPressµ for all your multiple blog hosting needs.

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