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Category 4, authors of the well-designed Probama Theme, has just released another beauty for baseball fans. It’s loaded with features that make it extremely easy for even novice WordPress users, including Flickr and Scoreboard Feed integration. Let’s take a look at what Category 4’s latest theme has to offer.


Installation of the Ultimate Baseball Theme is pretty simple. An options page is added under the Design tab that lets you control many functions of the theme including a Flickr feed and a lead story image. There’s no messing around with custom fields or anything. The theme and its options page takes care of it all.

Flickr Integration

Flickr integration is seamless. Enter your User ID, choose the number of images you want to display, and let it know which photo tags to look for. The result is a nifty box on your site that lets you flick through images from your Flickr account.

Lead Story and Header Images

Another feature built into this theme is the ability to easily upload an image to use on the homepage next to the latest article. It doesn’t matter what size your images is; it will automatically be cropped and resized and fitted to suit. You can also upload an image for the header which lets you brand your site for your favorite team. Again, cropping and resizing options are available to you.


What’s a fansite without a scoreboard? The Ultimate Baseball Theme includes the ability to integrate an XML feed from a site such as TotallyScored and formats it into a neat little scoreboard for your site.


For a free theme, Category 4’s latest release is a home run. Installation is a breeze and everything you might need to customize is available from the options page.


  • Easy Installation – no messing with custom fields or extensive options pages
  • Effortless Flickr and TotallyScored Integration
  • Stylized scoreboard and Flickr area
  • Easy file uploads to help brand the site, automatically crops and resizes images
  • Comes ready for content, displayed in clean fashion
  • Very well designed
  • Free!


  • I honestly can’t think of any.

The Ultimate Baseball theme is available for a free download from Category 4’s website. You can also take it for a test spin here.

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Baseball Theme

  1. Very good. The Flickr photo box, though—whilst “nifty” as you say—does use “elevator buttons” for scrolling, which usability people don’t recommended.

  2. Thanks for the review, Dan. This theme required a fair amount of experimentation to make it work, but the results amount to some very re-usable code, especially the RSS stuff.

    In the end, I’m glad we made the theme customizable, rather than the original plan – an all Red Sox blog. That might’ve been a bit too niche.

  3. I tried customizing this theme for my Movie Review Blog – http://www.themovieanalyst.com/ but had to change to a different theme for a couple of reasons

    1. I was not able to show excerpts of posts in the homepage
    2. The sidebar is not present in the blog posts. It appears only in the homepage.

    For all the options that this theme provides, i guess these two could have been incorporated too!

    But for these two issues, i think it is a very good theme.

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