Theme Review: PortfolioPress


PortfolioPress is another great theme created by the same guy that brought WoodPress (as previously featured). This theme still has the same uniqueness of WoodPress but as you may have guessed, the purpose of the theme is to be used as a portfolio theme.

PortfolioPress Description

PortfolioPress is another clean and simple 2-column WordPress Theme, but there is an exception to this theme. It’s a premium theme, meaning you have to pay for it.

Now don’t start thinking oh great another designer charging for themes, because its going to sell very cheap. He’s proposing to sell it at only $20**, what a bargain.

He will also be including an option to buy the .PSD along with the theme at a much higher price of $200 and another option giving you the right to purchase the full rights to the theme for $500.

PortfolioPress Pros-

  • Clean and simple
  • Excellent color scheme
  • Premium theme, but at a cheap rate
  • Valid XHTML & CSS
  • RSS Enabled
  • Wide range of uses
  • Great serif font

PortfolioPress Cons-

  • It costs!
  • If you look at the bottom of the page after comments, its very blank and could maybe do with a footer after the comments.

My opinion on PortfolioPress-

It’s rather a nice looking theme and if I wasn’t a designer myself, I’d buy it to showcase my own work. If your looking for a theme for a portfolio and need a blog to then this is prefect its simple and bite sized. Go grab a copy once its released!

Click here to see the preview

**Subject to Change

4 thoughts on “Theme Review: PortfolioPress

  1. Thanks for the review again Michael! I’d love to get some input from your readers on what a fair price could be for the theme… I think its worth atleast a buck 🙂

  2. Nice review Mike! Hmmm I think $20 sounds good for what you’re getting. It’s a nice, unique theme, but it looks like it lacks some features (which is perfectly fine).

    Thanks for the submission Magnus!

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