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The Thematic WordPress Theme is an amazing theme, back-end and design wise. First of all, I’m a sucker for dark colors, whitespace, and Georgia, so you can guarantee I fell in love at first sight. Thematic has all that bundled into a professional and classy design.

What Makes Thematic Special?

Even among all those “premium” news and magazine style WordPress themes, I’ve never seen such a complex and also organized back-end. I find it very interesting what Ian has done with it.

Installation & Usage

Like any other theme, Thematic is extremely easy to install. You just place it in the wp-content/themes folder and activate it via the admin panel. There’s also an options panel that allows you to configure some stuff for the theme.


Options Panel

Thematic Features

  • Continually advancing SEO optimization
  • Ready for Subscribe to Comments, WP-PageNavi and Comment License
  • Fully widget-ized with widget areas above and below the content—and even in-between
  • A grid-based starting point based on the 960 Grid System
  • CSS Reset and Typography based on Blueprint and Tripoli
  • 3 Bulletproof sample Stylesheets
  • The sample stylesheets are aligned to a strict 18px vertical grid featuring refreshing and sophisticated typography
  • Built from the rock solid Sandbox, making it perfect for customization and marked up for customization
  • Editable footer text
  • Options for Multi-Author blogs
  • Access to the dashboard for logged-in users that slides out of site when not needed
    and more coming

Does this sound like a theme you’d like your site to be using? If it does, get more information here, preview a live demo here, or download it here.

11 thoughts on “Thematic WordPress Theme

  1. I like how your test server has that most evil of widgets, The Calendar, in a prominent position. I’m also glad I bothered to try and align it to the vertical grid (notice how the the text and rules line up with the main content).

    Thanks for featuring my work, WPCandy.

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