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Studio Blue is a new two-column theme made by Elegant Themes. It features a strong visual design backed with a useful theme options page allowing it to be tweaked further to your liking. Its attractive color scheme (there are 5 different schemes to choose), coupled with subtle usage of gradients here and there, work nicely to give your blog an eye-catching look that should grab your reader’s attention immediately.

The Home Page:

One nice feature of this theme is that you can change various parts of the home page via the theme options page. You can tweak how many featured posts you want, what categories to feature, and so forth. Even better, if you want to stay traditional, you can also choose to use classic blog-style display (listing posts in reverse-chronological order) on your home page instead.

Other Pages:

The single post display has a unique tabbed menu by the end of a post. It shows related posts, social bookmarking option and the post’s tags.

The default comment area display gravatars next to the comment, but you can also choose (via the theme options) to have a minimalistic, image-free comment area instead.

StudioBlue Features:

Here’s a list of StudioBlue’s features, which you can learn for more details this way

  • Color Scheme Switcher
  • Theme options
  • Optional classic blog-style home page
  • Enhanced advertisement management
  • Optional categories dropdown menu
  • Home page settings
  • Post-page settings

Most of these features can be accessed via the neatly-designed theme options page:

Learn more:

You can preview StudioBlue version 2 here. For the curious, here is where the theme is first announced, and then a slight update is here, and finally here’s the big post about the release of version 2 and the various features added to it.


StudioBlue is a good-looking theme with plenty of tweak-able parts via its useful theme options page. The fact that its author enjoys revisiting the theme and adding new great features to it makes it even interesting to use. What’s more, you can have this theme alongside with a bunch of other great themes by joining the Elegant Themes theme club for $19.95 per year.

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