WordPress Theme Review: Round and Round 1.0

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Round and Round is a very unique little theme that I find to be very consistent. I like it.

Round and Round 1.0 WordPress Theme

  • Validation: 2/5
  • Look and Feel: 5/5
  • Theme Completeness: 5/5
  • Editability: 5/5
  • Total: 17/20

Validation 2/5

It’s too bad to have to pull points off of this (otherwise perfect) theme for a couple mistakes. That’s really what they are. The CSS does contain a parsing error, which is a quick fix (or should be) and the XHTML contains a few improper line break tags.

Like I said, it’s too bad. But validation is validation.

Note: A line break tag is a self closing tag. That means that the proper display of one is:

<br />

and not


Look & Feel 5/5

There is a definite “wow” factor with this theme. Awesome colors!

It’s simple, clean, and catchy. That’s pretty much the three pronged approach to becoming one of my favorite themes. Nice work.

Theme Completeness 5/5

I have no complaints. Everything is here. So awesome!

Editablity 5/5

There is a great note from the author in the style sheets on this one. It describes how to change the site to fit a different browser size. That’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about when I describe Editability. The personal note just compliments all the beautiful code commenting that’s already there. I love it.

Closing Comments (17/20)

Round and Round is one of the most…well, rounded themes I’ve come across. Just a glance at the scores will show you—perfect in almost everything. A little validation work on the code would perfect this theme. Nice work, Randa Clay. I’m impressed.