Rihanna WP Theme


Just getting into blogging but want a decent free WordPress theme? Well your time has finally come! Terry from Kineda has just released his second free public WordPress theme!

“Rihanna is extremely lightweight, versatile and widget-ready for WordPress 2.2+”, says Terry.

What do I think of the theme? I absolutely love it. It’s design is simple, clean, and professional, just what I like.

Here are some external links to learn more about the Rihanna WordPress Theme:

Rihanna WordPress Theme



8 thoughts on “Rihanna WP Theme

  1. You hit the nail on the head with what separates it from other 3-column themes – “it’s very clean.”

    Most 3-column themes or even 2-column themes I’ve downloaded are absolutely horrible in line spacing, typography, white space, etc.

    Rihanna strikes the perfect balance and the attention to detail while not being overly bloated makes it a winner in my book!

  2. Lovely theme. Clear crisp whitespace and typo.

    Looking forward to getting a copy 🙂

    Don’t understand the naming part though 😛

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