Retro MacOS Theme

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The Retro MacOS theme was designed and developed by Manchester based web designer/developer Stuart Brown.

To see a demo of this site, click here. The first time I saw this theme I was amazed that someone had thought of actually making a theme like this. It really took me by surprise, and I loved it from the moment I saw it.

The post titles look great in the old style top bar of the Macintosh windows. The sidebar looks good too but I think it could be better if the icons were links as well as the text underneath.

I also think that the footer could have a bit of a better design, but overall an absolutely fabulous looking theme.

If you download this theme and know how to customize WordPress themes then it might be worth editing yourself to give it that added functionality to the great style is has already. To download this theme, visit the demo site of the theme and click the icon in the top right corner.