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There are many different widgets available for you to use throughout the world of WordPress, but AdaptiveBlue makes their presence known by giving WordPress bloggers the opportunity to use a personalized widget on their blog. AdaptiveBlue is a company which is focused on helping to create the semantic web by using their own methodology:

We think that Semantic Web is really about leveraging existing information to create a better online experience for everyone today.

Out of the gate, AdaptiveBlue offers up to 50 different SmartLink Widgets for you to use. These widgets consist of displaying Amazon Best Sellers, your NetFlix Queue, the top artists on and a host of other widgets which utilize a number of different TOP lists from various websites.

Let’s say you wanted to display a widget on your blog which showcased the Latest Movie Reviews by the Rolling Stone. First, you would visit AdaptiveBlue’s automatic widget creator page. Next, click on the Rolling Stone from the SmartLink Widgets menu and click on the Latest Movie Reviews. This will automatically generate a widget on the right hand side of the page which includes a small image that goes with the movie, the movie title, and a block of text which makes up the beginning of the review. All of this information is taken from from the Rolling Stone website and presented in this easy to use Widget.

After you click on the GRAB THIS WIDGET button, you’re taken to the widget configuration page. This page contains all of the options necessary to ensure that the widget looks it’s best on your blog. For example, you can choose the number of items that are displayed or, the width in pixels that will make up the widget. As for the widget design, I noticed there are only 4 skins to choose from: Arctic white, BlueOrganizer Blue, Deep Graphite and Polished Slate. With only 4 color schemes to choose from, these widgets won’t be able to look good on EVERY blog but I think the color schemes that are provided should fit the majority.

AdaptiveBlue also provides a way for you to enable dashboard stats. Dashboard stats show you what’s popular on the web as well as what is popular on your blog. All thats needed to enable the dashboard stats is to input your blog url along with your email address and AdaptiveBlue will email the instructions to you on how to access your dashboard.

Now here is where you can earn money through AdaptiveBlue. The next set of widget customization options allow you to place your affiliate ID into the corresponding text fields for sites that you have an affiliate account with. For example, your Amazon Affiliate ID or your Commission Junction ID. If you’re a member of an affiliate program that is not listed within this option set, you can email AdaptiveBlue and they will help you set up your affiliate account with your specified widget.

The last option gives you a chance to install something called SmartLinks onto your blog. SmartLinks add a host of functionality to normal links by providing in depth information regarding what the link is describing. The following video covers the dashboard, affiliate options, and how to install SmartLinks:

Installation of the widget is fairly straight forward if you are using WordPress. Simply copy the script code given to you by AdaptiveBlue and paste it within a Text Widget. Publish that text widget on your blog, and now you should have a fully functional AdaptiveBlue Widget published on your site.

As a summary, these widgets by AdaptiveBlue can be used to add great looking content to your site. These widgets can also help you to generate revenue through the affiliate ID’s. The content displayed within the widgets is automatically updated because the content is built on top of an RSS feed. The widget options panel gives you just enough flexibility to ensure your widget will appear properly on your blog. Last but not least, installation of the widget is fast and simple.

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  1. Nice to see a post by another blogger than Mike!

    Very nice post, though I don’t know if many serious bloggers would use it… I think the world has seen enough top lists. None the less, handy for the non serious blogger!!

  2. I think the world is just waiting for more friendly tools to create professional widgets. For eccomerce sites they have many ways to be used that are interesting if the products are high affinity.

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