WordPress Plugin Review: Page Link Manager

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Here’s a look at another one of my prized plugins. And by prized I don’t mean I have sexual feelings for it.

I promise.

I use this one on every WordPress blog I set up; in fact it’s one of the first plugins I install. Page Link Manager adds a little check box into every page editing pane you have. The check box gives your option very simply: Include Page Link in Navigation.

Page Link Manager Plugin for Wordress - Screenshot of plugin in use

It’s that simple.

The implications of this may not seem clear right away:

  • If you’re a WordPress user, you can now create pages (of less-than-really-important information) which don’t show up on your main menu. This really expands the possibilities for WordPress as a CMS.
  • ┬áIf you’re a WordPress developer, you can easily shift between lots of pages and few pages whenmcreating a theme. There’s a page in the control panel under Manage Page Links that gives you a list of all the pages on your site. From there you can choose to show or hide any amount of pages you want.

Note: This shouldn’t effect anyone’s sitemap or other search engine optimizations. Just keep in mind that you won’t, by default, have a link to the page from anywhere on your site. Don’t be careless!

Kudos to Garret Murphy for the plugin. You are an amazing man, and I promise I don’t have a poster of you above my bed.

I promise.