Modicus 0.2


We know we haven’t posted articles on themes as regularly as we should, but one reason is I have a new edition to my family: a new baby brother! So its difficult for me to go looking for new stuff to post, because at the moment I’m looking after my sister while the baby settles in.

Plus me and the other Mike are updating things on the site and trying to add the forums, so were trying to bring you as much content as possible so bare with us!

In the meantime check out the Modicus 0.2.

Modicus 0.2

I was checking out some themes to post over on the theme viewer that WordPress has and i just loved the simplicity of this theme. Pink and Black are always good together.

This is a 3 column theme with a customizable blurb. Although this is a good looking theme the post content could probably be a bit wider. I think with a bit of attention and careful editing you could customize this theme into a nice personal blog!

So do you want the link? Of course you do:


4 thoughts on “Modicus 0.2

  1. Candyish. Hmmm interesting word.

    Well everyone has there opinions, I love black and pink, also i love plain blogs that are not afraid to leave a lot of white space, so i think this is nice 😉

    If you do not agree that i cannot argue.

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