Now everyone who loves technology knows that a mobile phone called the iPhone rocked the world earlier this year and Apple said that you would be able to create 3rd party apps for it.

Well what Steve Jobs meant was you could create 3rd party web applications for the iPhone, not native ones. So the internet had a boom in iPhone only web apps, but someone with a smart brain decided to take advantage of the web apps and create an amazing plugin for WordPress.


The iPhone has Safari built right into it, this means there is a full web browser right in the phone. But there is a problem. The screen is not the resolution of those of modern computers and the size that websites are built in today. So where to go from here? Even I have to scroll lots to read my own and others blogs.

Well this is where iWPhone comes smashing through the screen.

It’s a great plugin that when your WordPress powered site is view on an iPhone it automatically reformats your content to an optimized size for the iPhone. How clever, and with a recent update the plugin now works with the iPod Touch.

If you install this plugin and you are one of the unfortunate people that hasn’t bought an iPhone yet and want to test the plugin you will have to download iPhoney and use that. This is another great way to bring your websites content to another platform.

To download the plugin visit http://iwphone.contentrobot.com/

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